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of that hot, tropic sun; then he turned, making a sign

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Hector Roy, after the death of Grant of Grant's daughter, married his cousin Anne, daughter of Ranald MacRanald, generally known as Ranald Ban Macdonald, V. of Moydart and Clanranald. Her brother Dougal was assassinated and his sons formally excluded from the succession, when the estate and command of the clan were given to his nephew Alexander, "portioner," of Moydart, whose son, John Moydartach afterwards succeeded and became the famous Captain of Clanranald Gregory says, however, that "Allan, the eldest son of Dougal, and the undoubted heir male of Clanranald, acquired the estate of Morar, which he transmitted to his descendants. He and his successors were always styled `MacDhughail Mhorair,' that is MacDougal of Morar, from their ancestor Dougal MacRanald." This quite explains the various designations by which these Moydart and Clanranald ladies who had married into the Gairloch family have been handed down to us. Anne was the widow of William Dubh Macleod, VII. of Harris, Dunvegan, and Glenelg, by whom she had an only daughter, who, by Hector Roy's influence at Court, was married to Rory Mor of Achaghluineachan, ancestor of the Mackenzies of Fairburn and Achilty, after she bad by her future husband a natural son, Murdoch, who became progenitor of the family of Fairburn. By this marriage with Anne of Moydart and Clanranald Hector Roy had issue--

of that hot, tropic sun; then he turned, making a sign

1. John Glassich, his heir and successor.

of that hot, tropic sun; then he turned, making a sign

2. Kenneth of Meikle Allan, now Allangrange, who married a daughter of Alexander Dunbar of Kilbuyack, and widow of Allan Mackenzie, II. of Hilton, with issue--(1) Hector, who married an Assynt lady, with issue--Hector Og, who was killed at Raasay, in 1611, unmarried; and three daughters, the eldest of whom married, as her second husband, John, son of Alastair Roy, natural son of John Glassich, with issue--Bishop Murdoch Mackenzie of Moray and Orkney, and several other sons. Hector's second daughter married "Tormod Mac Ean Lleaye" --Norman, son of John Liath Macrae--who, according to the traditions of the country, took such a prominent part against the Macleods at that period--and a brother of the celebrated archers Domhull Odhar and lain Odhar mic Ian Leith, of whose prowess the reader will learn more presently. The third daughter married Duncan, son of John, son of Alastair Roy, son of John Glassich, II. of Gairloch. (2) Angus, who married, with issue--Kenneth, who left an only daughter, who married her cousin, Murdo Mac Ian, son of Alastair Roy.

of that hot, tropic sun; then he turned, making a sign

3. John Tuach of Davochpollo, who married with issue--a son, John, who died without lawful issue.

4. Dougal Roy, who inherited Scatwell, and was killed in a family feud in 1550, and

Three daughters, who married respectively, Bayne of Tulloch, John Aberach Mackay, and Hugh Bayne Fraser of Bunchrew, a natural son of Thomas, fourth Lord Lovat, killed at Blar-na-Leine, ancestor of the Frasers of Reelick.

He had also a son, John Beg, who was according to some authorities illegitimate, from whom descended several Mackenzies who settled in Berwick and Alloa.

Hector Roy died in 1528. On the 8th of September in that year, a grant is recorded to Sir John Dingwall, "Provost of Trinity College, beside Edinburgh, of the ward of the lands of Gairloch, which pertained to the umquhile Achinroy Mackenzie." He was succeeded by his eldest lawful son,