Injustice Mo Baiwang

upon the beach at which the canoe had been thrown the night

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Lady Marjory married secondly, Charles, last Lord Fraser of Castle Fraser, who, dying without issue, left his estate to his step-son, Simon Fraser of Inverallochy. On the death, without issue, of Martha's three brothers, she and her sister Elizabeth became co-heiresses of Inverallochy and Castle Fraser, and on Elizabeth's death Martha became sole heiress. She left the estates to her distinguished son, Lieutenant-General Alexander Mackenzie, who assumed the additional name of Fraser. Thus the families of Kilcoy and Portmore deduce descent from the Royal Houses of Stuart and Plantaganet, as also from the Dukes of Burgundy, and Raymond Count of Provence. Alexander had issue--

upon the beach at which the canoe had been thrown the night

1. Alexander, who died in infancy in 1767.

upon the beach at which the canoe had been thrown the night

2. Alexander, Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding the 21st Dragoons. He died before his father at Cape Malo, St. Domingo, West Indies, in July 1796, aged 27, unmarried.

upon the beach at which the canoe had been thrown the night

3. Colin, who succeeded his father at Portmore.

4. John, who was born in 1771, and died young.

5. George Udny, born in 1773, and died young.

6. Charles, born in 1779, and died in 1783.

7. WILLIAM MACKENZIE, I. of Muirton, Ross-shire, W.S. in Edinburgh, Deputy-Lieutenant for Ross, Sutherland, and Cromarty. He was born on the 1st of October, 1780, and married first, on the 6th of July, 1805, Mary, daughter of James Mansfield of Midmar, Aberdeenshire, by Marion, daughter of Dalrymple Horn-Elphinstone of Horn and Logie-Elphinstone, eldest surviving son of Viscount (now Earl of) Stair, with issue--(1) ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, II. of Muirton, and of Meikle Scatwell; a W.S., Edinburgh. Alexander, who was born on the 28th of February, 1812, married his cousin, Maria, second daughter and co-heiress with her three sisters of John Mansfield of Midmar, with issue--William Garloch, who died unmarried at Gibraltar, on the 22nd of May, 1876; John Mansfield, W.S., Edinburgh, who died unmarried--the last of six sons--in 1892; Alexander James, who died in Natal in 1887, unmarried; Douglas Hay, who succeeded to the estate of Meikle Scatwell by the will of his aunt, Mrs Douglas (Jemima Mansfield), and, dying unmarried at Clifton on the 9th of June, 1873, bequeathed it to his father; George Vansittart, a merchant in Leith, who died unmarried in 1891; and James Dalrymple, who died in New Zealand, unmarried, in 1887. Alexander Mackenzie, II. of Muirton, sold that estate to Colonel Ainslie, and Meikle Scatwell to Sir William James Bell, LL.D., now of Scatwell. (2) James Mansfield, who died unmarried in 1838, aged 25. (3) William, M.A., in Holy Orders, who married Isabella Trotter, Natal, with issue--George Charles, born in 1857, heir of his uncle, John Mansfield; Alexander Frederick, born in 1859 Harry James Mansfield, born in 1863; John, born in 1866; Mary Marion; Thomas Mansfield, born in 1866; and Grace Isabella. The Rev William died in Natal in 1887. (4) Marion, who married Captain Frederick H. De Lisle, R.N., Guernsey, and died without issue in 1879. William Mackenzie, I. of Muirton, married secondly, Alice, daughter of Andrew Wauchope of Niddry Marischal, County of Midlothian, without issue. He died in 1856, and was succeeded in the lands of Muirton by his eldest son, Alexander, II. of Muirton, as above.