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"Come!" said the ape-man, and started back in the direction

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In 1657 Kenneth is collateral security to a bond granted by the same Murdoch Mackenzie of Sand to Colin Mackenzie, I. of Sanachan, brother-german to John Mackenzie, II. of Applecross, for 2000 merks, borrowed on the 20th of March in that year the one-half of which was to be paid by the delivery at the feast of Beltane or Whitsunday, 1658, of 50 cows in milk by calves of that year, and the other half, with legal interest, at Whitsunday, 1659. Colin Mackenzie, I. of Sanachan, married Murdoch's daughter; the contract of marriage is dated the same day as the bond, and is subscribed at Dingwall by the same witnesses.

By letters of Tutorie Dative from Oliver Cromwell, he was, in 1658, appointed Tutor to Hector Mackenzie, lawful son of Alexander Mackenzie, lawful son of Duncan Mackenzie of Sand, Gairloch. There is nothing further to show what became of the pupil, Hector, but it is highly probable that on the death of Alexander, son of Duncan of Sand, the farm was given by Kenneth to his own brother, Murdoch, and that the 2000 merks, borrowed from Colin Mackenzie of Sanachan, who married Murdoch's only daughter, Margaret, may have been borrowed for the purpose of stocking the farm. The dates of the marriage, of the bond, and of the Tutorie Dative, so near each other, strongly support this view.

Kenneth married, first, Katharine, daughter of Sir Donald Macdonald, IX. of Sleat, without issue. The contract of marriage is dated 5th September, 1635, the marriage portion being the handsome sum of "6ooo merks, and her endowment 1000 libs Scots yearly." He married, secondly, Ann, daughter of Sir John Grant of Grant, by Ann Ogilvy, daughter of the Earl of Findlater (marriage contract dated 17th October, 1640). There is a charter by Kenneth in her favour of the lands of Loggie-Wester, the miln and pertinents thereof, with the grazings of Tolly, in implement of the marriage contract, dated 4th of December, 1640, with a sasine of the same date, and another charter of the lands and manor-place of Kinkell and Ardnagrask, dated the 15th of August, 1655, with sasine thereon, dated 5th September following. By her Kenneth had issue--

1. Alexander, his heir and successor.

2. Hector, of Bishop-Kinkell, who married Margaret, eldest daughter of Donald Mackenzie, III. of Loggie, and widow of Roderick Mackenzie, V. of Fairburn, and with her obtained the lands of Bishop-Kinkell, to which his son John succeeded.

4. Mary, who, in 1656, married Alexander Mackenzie, at the time Younger and afterwards III. of Kilcoy, with issue.

5. Barbara, who married, first, Fraser of Kinneries, and secondly, Alexander Mackenzie, I. of Ardloch, with issue by both.

6. Lilias, who married, as his first wife, Alexander Mackenzie, II. of Ballone, with issue.