Injustice Mo Baiwang

to believe that he had wandered away in search of his own

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7. Sutherland, Lieutenant Royal Navy, born on the 15th of January, 1818, and lost on board H.M.S. "Victor," in the Gulf of Mexico, in 1844, unmarried.

to believe that he had wandered away in search of his own

8. George, Lieutenant in the Indian Army, born on the 23rd of February, 1819. He was killed in action on the 14th of October, 1844, unmarried.

to believe that he had wandered away in search of his own

9. Charles Frederick Fraser, a Fellow of Caius and Gonville College, Cambridge, second Wrangler of his year. He entered Holy Orders and was appointed Archdeacon of Natal, in which colony he laboured successfully for some years among the Zulus. Coming home, he was selected as the leader of the Universities Mission to Central Africa and was afterwards consecrated at Cape Town as the first Bishop of Central Africa. He subsequently proceeded to the Zambesi River, where, acting in concert with Dr Livingstone, he succeeded in liberating a large number of slaves from the hands of the drivers who were conducting them to the coast, and some of these liberated slaves formed the nucleus of the Bishop's first settlement at Magomero. While descending the River Ruo to meet Dr Livingstone, Bishop Mackenzie's canoe was overturned and his quinine lost. A short sojourn on a swampy island brought on a fever, to which he succumbed on the 31st of January, 1862, without issue. His Life has been written by his friend, Dr Goodwin, Bishop of Carlisle.

to believe that he had wandered away in search of his own

10. Elizabeth, who married George Dundas of Ochtertyre, Advocate, a Judge of the Scottish Bench by the title of Lord Manor, with issue--(1) James, V.C., Captain in the Royal Engineers. He obtained the Victoria Cross for conspicuous gallantry during the expedition to Bhotan, and died at Cabul, in 1879, unmarried; (2) Colin Mackenzie of Ochtertyre, Commander Royal Navy, twin brother of James. He married Agnes, daughter of Samuel Wauchope, C.B., and sister of Mrs Mackenzie, Portmore, with issue--James Colin, and David John Wauchope; (3) George Ralph, who died unmarried; (4) William John, a W.S. in Edinburgh; (5) David, Advocate in Edinburgh, who married Helen, daughter of David Wauchope; (6) Elizabeth Christian; (7) Mary Frances; (8) Helen Anne; and (9) Katharine.

11. Anne, who accompanied her brother Charles to Natal, where she remained with him during the whole period of his ministry there. She afterwards followed him to Central Africa, but hearing of his death whilst ascending the Zambezi River, she returned to England, when she started and edited a monthly missionary periodical, entitled "The Net." By this, and through her own unaided efforts, she was the means of inaugurating the Memorial Mission to Zululand (in memory of her brother) of which the Bishop of Zululand is the head. She was the author of a Life of Henrietta Robertson, wife of the Chaplain of the garrison of Fort-Etchowe; and other works. She died in 1877, unmarried.

12. Katharine, who died unmarried on the 20th of March, 1832.

13. Jane, died unmarried on the 13th of February, 1820.

14. Louisa, who married William Wilson, C.A., and died on the 20th of January, 1866, without issue.