Injustice Mo Baiwang

the great heart. They had hunted together now for some

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IV. MURDO MACKENZIE, fourth of Letterewe, a Captain in the 78th Highlanders. He died in India, unmarried, and was succeeded by his next brother,

the great heart. They had hunted together now for some

V. ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, fifth of Letterewe, who married Catherine, daughter of James Macdonald of Skeabost, with issue--

the great heart. They had hunted together now for some

1. John, his heir and successor.

the great heart. They had hunted together now for some

2. James, a midshipman, H.E.I.C.S., who died unmarried.

3. Murdo, a doctor, H.E.I.C.S., who also died unmarried.

4. Hector, who was an Officer of Customs at the Cape of Good Hope, and afterwards succeeded his brother in the estate of Letterewe.

5. Donald Alexander, who in early life emigrated to the United States, and of whom presently.

6. Jessie, who married Donald Macdonald, Lochinver, who afterwards went to the Cape of Good Hope and died at Southsea in 1888, leaving issue--(1) Donald, C.E., at the Cape, who married, and has issue--two sons and a daughter. (2) Alexander James, of Milland, Hants, who, in 1866, married Caroline, daughter of John Heugh, of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, with issue--Ione and Thyra. (3) Murdo, who, in 1869, married Laura, daughter of J. Foley, sculptor, London, with issue--Flora; Alexander; Charles; Somerled; and Ronald. (4) Katherine, who in 1849 married the late James Somers Kirkwood, merchant at Port Elizabeth, Cape of Good Hope, with issue--(1) Donald, who married first, in 1866, Helen, daughter of Thomas Read, of Trouse, Norwich, with issue--Donald He married, secondly, Cornelia, daughter of R. Restall, of Uitenhague, South Africa, with issue--Hector and Hellen (2) Charles; (3) Alexander; (4) Reginald; (5) Annie, who married Archibald Merilees, Moscow; and (6) Jessie, who married Walter Somerville Lockhart, of Clydesdale, with issue--Lawrence.